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Help please, I Am Stuck

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i am new to this forum and openenergymonitor.
I am having problems setting up the logging for my setup. Its a bit different to most and i cannot seem to get the inputs and feeds to do what i need.
I have two solar arrays with two inverters. Fed into a central consumer unit. It is set up as type 2 and i have the system up and running and logging the feeds.
The issue I have is that I cannot seem to get the two feeds from the arrays to combine to give me the total solar feed.
I have tried to add it in the process list set up but are obviously doing something wrong.
image .

The Tx process

I think that’s your problem – you can’t combine Feeds. A Feed is the storage, you have to combine the two in one of the Inputs.

The general idea is, assuming you are working in Solar1 (or whatever it’s called) with my explanation in [square brackets] – don’t try to enter that.
(I’ve called them this because your screenshots are too fuzzy to read.)

  1. Log to feed [Save the power for Solar1]
  2. Power to kWh [Save the energy for Solar1 - this leaves the power still available]
  3. +Feed Solar2 [this must be the power - don’t mix units!]
  4. Log to feed [Save the combined power]
  5. Power to kWh [Save the combined energy]

Then in the Input for Solar2:

  1. Log to feed [Save the power for Solar2 - then you pick this up in solar1 input processing]
  2. Power to kWh [Save the energy for Solar2]

This will give you power for each and the combined power, and the same for energy, with the conversion to energy being done inside emonCMS. You can use the energies direct from the emonPi and emonTx if you wish. The downside is, those reset to zero when you restart or there’s a power failure, whereas the emonCMS will automatically continue adding from the last value it had. The upside is, if you lost communication from the emonTx, the power value is lost to emonCMS, but the energy the emonTx is accumulating carries on regardless, and emonCMS gets the total once comms are restored. So it’s swings and roundabouts.

If you want to add any other processing, this should give you the general idea. But if you get stuck, ask again.

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thank ou for your reply

It could be my newbee understanding.

i have three inputs to the unit
two to the EmonPi and one to the EmonTx
It works but it only uses the inputs to the Emonpi.
The EmonPi inputs are attached to the main incoming electric supply
The house solar panels are connected to the Emonpi.
The garage solar panels are attached to the EmonTx
input emonpi.pdf (274.0 KB)

i have tries to add the input from the EmonTx to the “power2” processing but it does not recognise it.

however if i create a virtual interface i can get it to add the two feeds together, but when using the app to see the feed data i cannot gat it to see the virtual interface.

i have saved the pictures as a pdf so they can be seen

I have removed the power to kwh processing from the emontx as i might be mixing units as stated by Robert.
I will need to wait till tomorrow as i have now lost all solar input so cannot see what it is doing

That might be a timing issue, that’s why the recommendation is to use +Feed in preference to +Input. It certainly should work if, in Input1, you go +Input2 +Input3, or the preferred way: in Input1, go +Feed2 +Feed3.

What you have is, for the emonPi
P1 → emonpi:import → emonpi:import_kWh
P2 → emonpi:solar +input(P4 Garage Solar) +input(emonpi:power1) → emonpi:use → emonpi:use_kWh

and for the emonTx
P4 →emonTx3CM15:P4 → emonTx3CM15:P4_kWh

My first suggestion would be to log the powers that you’re going to use to Feeds, and then use +Feed. That should get rid of timing problems.

Using the numbers, you have for use: 43 + 25 + 2098 = 2166, and it’s logged 2201.87. The discrepancy is exactly the value for emonTx3CM15:P4_kWh so it looks as if you’ve included a kWh value by mistake, but I can’t see where unless you’ve added P4 Garage Solar and it’s actually P4 energy.
According to the screenshot, you haven’t actually added P4 Garage Solar. That makes me doubly suspicious - there’s a mix-up somewhere.

It doesn’t do that, as far as I recall. I think the Solar App simply isn’t capable of using/refuses to see a virtual feed.
This might help: Understanding Virtual Feeds and

Much better :+1: I don’t know why a .png should be fuzzy, but it was.

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Thanks for the help. I finally realised where i was going wrong. It was the names of the feeds that the solar App uses. I renamed the solar feed to power2. Added the garage feed power3 using " +feed". I then logged a new feed as “solar” which was the combined of solar 2 and solar 3.
The rest of the processing is as the auto configuration.

As the app uses “solar” then I was able to run it and it picked up the combined solar feed.

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