Help me to troubleshoot an EmonGLCD that wont turn on

1.5 board , component mounted ok , i check al perfect

Soldered every component

Tested voltage got 3.29v

Plug usb connector Display dead

plug CP2102 programmer Display dead

i use software Arduino 1.8.5 to send Teste.ino but i have error below

EmonGLCD/tester.ino at master · openenergymonitor/EmonGLCD · GitHub

Can you try a simple blink type sketch in Arduino to see if the CPU is working ?

Have you soldered the display connections, or are you at the stage in the instructions where you insert the display and test but without soldering it?

You uploaded the tester sketch with no errors, but one warning: “warning: “PIN_A0” redefined”?

Do the LEDs flash Red & Green?

The Arduino serial monitor should show (at 9600 baud):

emonGLCD demo
temp: 18.25 
Light: 250 
Switches (low when pressed) : 0 0 0 
temp: 18.31 
Light: 310 
Switches (low when pressed) : 0 0 0 
temp: 18.31 
Light: 252 


when upload Tester Sketch i have error , i setting my Arduino 1.8.9 with:

  • Programm Arduino Pro or Pro mini
  • Chipset ATMEGA 328P 3,3V
  • Port COM 7 ( because my CP2102 usb use com7)
  • Type programmer USBasp

it is correct ?
i attached my board immage , i check all component , it is right

This this should be ARDUINO UNO

You don’t “program” the Arduino chip, use the upload option instead as the bootloader is installed on the chip.

This assumes that the chip was supplied from the shop - where did you get it from?

Hello , thanks you for your help

i buy kit on site , yes it have bootloader installed i think
now i try your advice , i will send you feedback :wink:

thanks you

First test your assembled p.c.b. as the instructions, without soldering the LCD. You might need to try several times before the display shows, because it only needs one pin to not make contact at the correct time, and the test will fail.

When you have seen the correct display, and you are certain that the unit is working, then you can solder the LCD. It is almost impossible to remove the LCD and work on the p.c.b. after you have soldered the LCD.