Help - Kwh feed resets to zero randomly

Hi everyone

I just acquired an emonbase and emontx3 and the first couple of days everything worked fine. Now, in the last few days, my kwh feed keeps resetting to zero as per below picture.

I have two feeds, one CT is measuring the house energy and the other is measuring my heating system. Both feeds reset at the same time and, sometimes, twice in the same day. During the times this happens, there’s nothing peculiar occurring like a power loss. In fact, the emonbase is being powered by an UPS. Both feeds are being stored locally.

Any idea of what’s going on or how to fix this? Any help will be appreciated.


I’m experiencing the same, but I know that it happens when I reboot my raspberry PI or when the mains supply goes down!
I dont know why it happens…

I have the same issue…

Hi Dan, this thread is well over a year old, a lot can change in that time. Can you share more info on the issue you have.

Where do you see the issue? How often does it happen?
How is your input processing set up? What feed types are they?
What is your setup (emonPi/emonSd etc)? Is it up to date?
Is this a new issue or has it always misbehaved?

it’s a new setup, I just finished installing it on a rpi 3b+
using the default PHPFINA

It occurred once, when I had a 5min power outage.
I did reset it just now and it appears to be fine
what other info can I give you?

I second what @4est said. I have upgraded to the latest version and whenever I have a power outage, the feeds goes to zero! If any logs or other info is required, just let me know.

Well it only happened to me once. the first time when power was out
Since then I had no more issues, even though I did nothing, update nothing