Help: EmonCMS + Homeassistant ....=.... No EmonPI LCD Display?

Hi there,

I recently just purchased an Emonpi to make it work on my Home Assistant 0.77.3 (Hassbian) installation. The idea is to make Home Assistant and Emoncms work on the same RPI which I installed both from scratch using a hassbian image.

I currently have both (Emoncms & Homeassistant) working but the I figured out that the LCD isn’t working (It just says “Raspberry Booting”). I followed the following guide:

But I get up to the last step where I have to run it as service and I figured out that since it isn’t the Emonpi prebuilt sd image the following paths don’t exist or are created

Can anyone point me out where I can get a guide to enable the Emonpi LCD in Raspbian or in this case Hassbian? Or maybe show me what step I’m missing?

Here are the screenshots where I show both (EmonCMS and Home Assistant running on the same PI):