Help - Dashboard not updating

This is probably hugely simple to fix, but I can’t work it out for the life of me.

I set up a nice dashboard using the feedvalue elements. It had temperatures working last night, but I open it this morning and it’s all showing zeros.

What am I doing wrong?

With the minimal amount of information you’ve told is, the possibilities are endless.

Is data coming in? Where from?

What is showing in the emonhub log?

Does any data get from there onto the Inputs page?

What processing are you doing on the Inputs?

Are the Feeds themselves updating? If not, when did they stop having credible values? (The graphs might help here.)

Apologies, I’ve not given much to go on.

Data is coming in from several Tasmota nodes, being processed by NodeRED and being dumped into emoncms via the MQTT server. From inputs, it gets logged to feeds once per minute.

The inputs and feeds are fine, getting received and logged nicely. When I’m logged in via the browser, the feedvalue and graph elements on the dashboards appear ok.

The problem occurs when I use either a bookmark or a shortcut to go to the dashboard. I’ve set them to public in the configuration, so surely that shouldn’t be causing the problem?

That probably is the problem. I’m not sure of the details, but I think you need to make a lot of things public for it to be effective. The dashboard itself and the Feeds I’m sure of, I think there’s more.

If you can’t see anything else, we’ll invoke the help of somebody who knows emonCMS better than I do.

It was the feeds not being made public! Ugh, I’m disgusted with myself for not spotting that!

The funny thing was that when I reloaded the page, it would show the values in small text, and then blink back to the display above, showing all zeroes, which made me paranoid that it was the page itself which was at fault.

Hey ho, another lesson learnt the hard way…

@Robert.Wall, many thanks for your help!


This is what it should look like…

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