Help creating 6 hour period dashboard


I have had Emoncms running for some time on a local Raspberry Pi, but now want to create some dashboards to use the data more effectively.

What I would ideally like to do is a daily dashboard with a bar graph with one bar for usage between midnight and 06:00 am and another bar for usage between 06:00 am and midnight.
Using hte Visualization tool I have managed to create a bar graph showing data in 6 hour bars, but the start points are not fixed times, they show the last six hours and the six hours before that, etc.
Is it possible to create a bar graph for fixed intervals based on times? If the graph has to have four six hour bars per day that’s fine.


Have you tried the Graph tool instead? Setting a fixed interval of 21600 seconds should show 6 hourly bars synced with midnight (UTC).

Thanks, Tim, that’s helpful.

Is there a way to embed that in a Dashboard?


Yes you can. Give the graph a name, save it and then add it to the dashboard.

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Again, thanks for the really helpful information, Tim!