Help choosing the right heat meter for my Nibe 2040 16kw ASHP

Hi all

I have been actively improving my Nibe 2040-16 ASHP installation over the last month thanks to the excellent help on this forum. I am now looking to retrofit a heat meter to the system, however I admit I am totally confused on sizing and how to choose. The unit is a 16kw heat pump and I already have power monitoring on the circuit that feeds the ASHP, a snapshot is shown below.

I have read all the guides on the shop and associated links but am still not sure, I want to get it right before buying from the shop!

Do I just need to get a 17kw heatmeter based on the fact I run a 16kw ashp? or is it not that simple?

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Hi Sam,

I would recommend a Kamstrup Multical 403 qp 3.5m3/hr heat meter. This meter will have lower pressure drop than smaller heat meters at the high flow rate of around 47 l/min that you require for your 16kW ASHP. We have these in stock pre-fitted fitted with the MBUS communication module:

I’ve got nothing to add on the sizing front but my Kamstrup meters have been faultless and I don’t recall anyone on the forums having issues with them, which isn’t the case for some other brands.

Thank you, I will go with this one.

excellent, thank you.