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Help :-) Build Kit with battery monitoring 48v


I look for the bundle kit solar and I like the system and CMS.

But I a little bit afraid because the kit don’t have a “natural sensor” for the battery and my installation work with 4x12V battery in 48v with à “hybrid inverter”.

So I would monitor the capacity or the consomation of the battery. I search on the forum and it’s possible but …

  • wat the sensor to buy in addition on the kit ?

  • It’s easy to integrate the capacity/consomation battery in the soft CMS ?

Thanks !

Hello @leli and welcome! What make and model is your hybrid inverter? does it have any built in monitoring and perhaps a modbus or other kind of data output? It might be easier getting the data that way rather than doing DC voltage and current sensing?

Hello, tanks for the response !

So, my hybrid solar converter is “white mark” but it the same of AXPERT (WKS 5kw). The manual is on the link

But in my version I have just a simple port COM (I think RS232).

My problem and I want to monitor and view an Dashboard with the consummation system. But Watchpower is on windows and not possible to have a dashboard like the EmonCMS.

It’s maybe possible to cast de data with MOBUS but the link with EmonCMS ? I m not developper :slight_smile:

Battery DC in my installation are - 4x12v 120A series on 48V. And 2*3x390w solar on 145v.

Thanks !

Hello @leli , seems there is some discussion of pulling in data from this inverter on the nodered and home assistant forums, that might be a good place to start. I also saw this post which discussed a c program that can be used to read in the data with a link through to grafana at the end

the post also mentions this home assistant integration
GitHub - ned-kelly/docker-voltronic-homeassistant: Programmatically read data from your Voltronic, Axpert, Mppsolar PIP, Voltacon, Effekta etc Inverter and send it to Home Assistant via MQTT - Works with RS232 & USB!

I cant say what would be involved in connecting this through to emoncms at this point without doing a deeper dive.

Thanks !

Yes, I tried to connect the converter but it’s very hard (docker, etc).

So, I think that the emonPi is a good and sample easy way …

Just a question, I think that the emonPI run localy so I can read the data of the emonPi in my instance Home assistant easily ? (I see an integration … put sometime is hard … with home assistant). Thanks !