Hello, we are Cycle

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(Mateo) #1

Hello, I’m Mateo Rivero UX/UI designer from Cycle, a startup dedicated to making renewable energy systems installed in vulnerable communities profitable for the householders by allowing peer to peer energy transactions between houses through our web platform.

We aim to empower families and communities, creating a new economy around energy.

The purpose of this post is to first introduce the vision of Cycle and finally to have feedback about our project.

We have developed a Proof-of-Concept in our office that simulates the transactions between three houses.

Here, you can see the main components, each “house” is composed of three main elements:

1. A Solar Home System (SHS) (solar panel, regulator, battery, inverter)
2. An Emonpi
3. An Energy exchanger

As each part is supplied independently, the time of discharging of each the battery varies, the Emonpi reads the energy produced and consumed and then the trade of energy can be made through our web platform

This is a general description of our project, it would be great to have any feedback or comment.

Thank you!

(Trystan Lea) #2

Wow looks great!