HeatPumpMonitor odd display behaviour (maybe)

Note: No local EmonCms hardware.
I populated the inputs, feeds and heat pump monitor app on EmonCms with no problems. All the inputs are populated and updated in real time via HTTPS API. Display produced on HeatPumpMonitor also fine, this was on the 12th Oct.
Later I noticed the app required kWh, but I had been sending Wh. Fixed that with input processing on EmonCms, display still seemed OK.
On 17th Oct I was added to the public list on HeatPumpMonitor.org (Carlby, Stamford system) and since then the display seems to have been behaving oddly.
The only thing displayed is the outside temperature, no bar graph of heat ouput/electricity input. The data fields seem populated with sensible values.
Have I messed the system up with the period sending Wh instead of kWh? Will it sort itself out eventually?

Hi, thanks for adding your system to HeatPumpMonitor.org. :slight_smile:

Looking at your chart and clicking on one of the days shows that the underlying data is all there, and looks to be what we’d expect for a Samsung.

It seems that the kWh feeds [487139, 487136] on the daily chart are returning nulls instead of values.
How are these feeds configured? What interval were they created with?

The kWh feeds are the ones that were originally wrong. The intervals were 60s (I think, since if I go to edit them, that detail is not presented). The input is still Wh, but I use a x 0.001 in the Input Process List to convert to kWh before sending to Log to Feed. The HTTP feed is updated at 60s.

The feeds were originally called InputEnergy and OutputEnergy. When I found that the App could only accept kWh, I created the InputEnergykWh and OuputEnergykWh feeds with the x 0.001, swapped the App over to these feeds, then deleted the original ones.

The values displayed in the Inputs and Feeds all seem to be correct and updated in real time.

It looks like those feeds were created with 10s interval, which might be the cause of the problem if it’s not aligned to midnight.


A quick hack is to change Log to feed to Log to feed (Join), which will fill in the blanks between each write. However, this is quite wasteful of space, and won’t fix any previous data.

It’s probably best to recreate them with 60s interval, and import the data from the previous feeds. Use the Graph page to plot the old feed, setting the interval to 60s and tick the Average option. Click the Show CSV Output and then Copy. On the Feeds page, select the new feed and click on Import data at the bottom. This might take a couple goes to get right, so keep the old feeds until you’re sure you’ve got it all.

Of course, if you don’t mind losing 1 week of data, you can skip the importing step, but it’s nice to preserve it if you can.

Don’t forget it update your inputs to log to the new feeds!

See this other thread for another user’s experience in this area, some technical background and how
he fixed it: Emon CMS drops data when graphing over different ranges

Ah, finger trouble. I will recreate the feeds. Thanks for the help