Heatpump type experiments

I used to work in gas production, especially Oxygen, this was in the mid 70s, and understood the technology at the time. Now I prefer to go more with gut feeling and sensors plus experiments.

First regarding Heatpumps, is there a blow up diagram of the construction of a typical heatpump, that I can figure out what type of experiment I may try? I’m thinking firstly, perhaps a fridge compressor with radiators and fans, with insulated compartments, and sensors.
Cheers, Camerart

A good place to start would be @johncantor’s website at heatpumps.co.uk, which has lots explanations and tools for calculating things - he has a book too.

Hi T,
Yes, it would be good to talk to him.
Regarding the diagram, I doubt that he would have a repair manual type blow up of an actual heatpump, as he would most likely use a general discription.

If there are any heatpump engineers, that could point me to a blow up or manual, I would appreciate that.


Hi V and P,
Excellent, thanks, that should keep me quiet for a while :slight_smile:

Here’s another older one using R410A if you fancied looking for what is common and what varies:


Hi M,
That should be enough for now.
I’m trying to get the feel of the difference between these and fridges.
I imagine that there is some raising of air pressure (=warm), and lowering of air pressure (=cool), created by the fans, which is unlike a fridge.

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This project might be useful for a conceptual understanding , I think we did discuss this here somewhere before Valden: Heat Pump controller | Hackaday.io

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Hi T,
Thanks, a simple clear explanation.
To me it seems that the ‘trick’ to all this is finding the best heat source for a location.
I think, the initial idea is to get an old fridge, where I can explore the best way to exchange heat in and out of the 2x radiators, then add some sensors each side of the insulation.
Cheers, c.