Heatpump Setup USB port changes

Hi there ,

  1. I have a sharky 775 heatmeter connected to one usb port of the pi - PL2303 IC based MBUS adaptor
  2. I have an SDM120 connected to another port of the Pi - FTDI based RS485 adaptor

ttyUSB0 and 1 get changed at times when I reboot … Is there some way to stop this happening.


Yes, instead of /dev/ttyUSB0 use the full device ID e.g


You can find this ID with the command ls /dev/serial/by-id -la

Thanks @glyn.hudson . Do I need to ensure the same configuration settings for the shop HP kit ?

I was helping a local installer put in a shop HP level 3 and had to do some plugging and unplugging the USB devices till I got it working . Just wondering in hindsight if this was the cause of that .


No, the emonHP in the L3 HP Bundle will be fully pre-provisioned. No setup config should be needed. If something doest work please give us a call or drop us an email.

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