Heatpump control consumption

Hi All,

Im interested in controlling my air conditioner / heat pump to control power consumption to match excess solar. I have specifically installed a unit with a DRED interface. see this link for info What is Demand Enabled Response (DRED)? | Daikin

Im interested in doing this so I can enable an “eco” mode for my air conditioning. I currently use nodered to automate most things around the house so will be using this as a platform. Also, with my power company I am paid the spot price of electricity for my export. This price can vary dramatically, from as low as $0.02 to $0.65 so I would like to disable / delay the AC if the price is high and the temperature is not too far out of range.

The DRED standard sets out below 3 modes
DRM1, which stands for “compressor off,” is the bare minimum requirement to meet the Australian standard.
The DRM2 cannot exceed 50% of the total kW capacity.
The DRM3 cannot reach 75% of the total kW capacity.

I intend on using relays to control the modes via the DRED interface.

Has anyone else looked into this at all? would love to hear from you if so. Will try to keep the community updated on my project.



Hello @MikeC that’s interesting to hear, an ability to limit the max compressor power is a useful feature. I dont have any experience personally with Daikin kit but it would be interesting to hear how you get on with the project!