Heatpump Board questions

Can anyone tell me wat is the meaning off the green LED on the heat pump board?

Hello @Frans I have not yet used the LED on the heatpump monitor, it was placed on there for use as an indicator.

Thanks for the reply.

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Hi @TrystanLea

Got another question on the board:

I wish to use pulse counting in from a meter with a pulse output.

The kit came with 1x 100k resistor (instruction say this is for “pulse counting dropdown”).
It is installed next to a 100nf cap. Shown in the assembly photo.

But when looking at the install photos, 2x sets of resistors and caps are fitted.
There is a spare 100nf but no second 100k in the kit.

The bottom resistor nearest the RFM radio module is used as part of the radio module circuit.
Im not sure why we did not include the second 100k resistor for the pulse counter, I see its listed as only one on the picture of all the components in the kit. Do you have any spare resistors that you could use? the exact value is not that important. It could be anything from 10k upwards to likely 1M…

OK great thanks, i’ll take a look what i have. Don’t have a 100k but have lots of 10k, maybe some higher!

Interested in what the radio module is / can be used for if added…

The radio module is an RFM69. It can be used to either transmit data using the RFM69 radio to a base station e.g emonbase or emonpi. Or alternatively if your using the heatpump monitor in standalone mode without a local Pi based basestation but posting direct to say emoncms.org you can use the radio to receive data from EmonTH temperature and humidity nodes in the house.

Excellent Thanks!