Heat Pump Monitoring from HomeAssistant


I’d like to share my heat pump data, and it seems that I already have most of the information available in HomeAssistant. I see it’s completely possible to get data from emoncms in to home assistant but is it possible to do so the other way around?


Historically, not easily (and HA stores a limited amount of historical data.

Actively, I take the data and pass it to emoncms via the Node-RED addon.

There is also the Emoncms node for Node-RED, but I’ve done it this way as I occasionally pull off the MQTT data elsewhere.

The emoncms node will allow sending it to emoncms.org for the heatpump dashboard.

Hmm. Thanks. Glad to see it is possible, although I’ve never used the Node RED side of things.

The addon is really easy. There are native nodes to extract the data from HA and processing is all done in Javascript (if neded) - much of that can be done using nodes rather than functions. I just am a bit old school.

An alternative approach is to run a script on a regular basis (e.g. every minute) which:

  1. Pulls the heatpump-related readings from the Home Assistant API
  2. Pushes those readings as Inputs to the emoncms API

That’s effectively what I do, albeit sourcing the data from InfluxDB rather than Home Assistant.

Happy to share my Python script if that’s of interest.

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Another way is to use MQTTStateStream. Easiest way, but not for too many topics.

Emoncms History HA component can be used to log data from HA to Emoncms:

I use it myself, it’s simple and works very well.


Thanks, I’ll look in to this

I’ve configured HA to send:

  • Outside air temp,
  • Energy draw of ASHP (current consumption)
  • Hot water top
  • Hot water charging
  • Flow temp
  • Return temp
  • Room temp.

Will look at adding the solar pv/inverter stuff later. Thanks for this, working perfectly.



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Nick, can you confirm you used the HA Integraton to get the data from the Nibe HP?

Are you sending any instructions the other way?

Hi, yes that’s the case.

Nibe integration to HA and HA to EMONCMS

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in terms of sending the other way, I think I’m setting the home/away/vacation mode based on the what status the security system is in, but not sure what that actually does to the ASHP though.

There’s a service for sending data/instructions to the AHSP with the integration, called ‘set parameter’

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Have you looked to see what entities the Integration creates?

You should be able to write to any Holding Register. Remember the ‘address’ is one less than the ‘ID’ for any register.

For my Komfovent MVHR I use a script to set the register value;

    alias: Komfovent Write Temp Setpoint Normal
        name: Komfovent Temp Setpoint Value
        example: '195'
        description: Actual value is * 10; 19.5°C = 195
      - service: modbus.write_register
          hub: "Komfovent"
          address: 109
          unit: 1
          value: '{{ komfovent_temp_setpoint }}'
    mode: single