Heat Pump monitoring - DHW vs. Heating energy consumption using Booster Heater (BSH)

I’m using ESPAltherma to monitor my 9kW Daikin, both locally and on emoncms.org. I have access to the Space Heating vs. DHW flags, and include those in my data stream. I like the facility for differentiating the energy usage for SH vs DHW, even if the overall CoP isn’t any better it does provide insight. However, when my HP does the disinfection cycle, the DHW flag is on at the start up to 50C, but then the HP switches on the BSH to get the water temp to 60C and turns the DHW flag off (and the SH flag on!). So the energy used for the hot water gets recorded against the SH, not the DHW.

You can clearly see this in the attached screenshot of the disinfection cycle this morning.

I can modify the SH/DHW flags appropriately from the state of the BSH flag if required. Of course, the chart shows the HP has also switched to provide SH, at about 826W, so I’d have to fix that up somehow too! I don’t currently have a means of separately monitoring the BSH usage. The BSH is fixed at 3kW though, so if it’s on, that’s what it’s using.

Any ideas on how to reflect this behaviour more correctly?