Heat pump does not adhere to sensoAPP Time programme slots

A bit of guidance please. Our newly installed 7kW aroTHERM+ ASHP has started to kick in the heating cycle over the past few cooler mornings.

I’m trying to understand the programme controls. I’ve added time slot controls to the sensoAPP. However, they don’t appear to control the heat pump. There’s no other 3rd party controls, just weather compensation. Is it simply that weather comp is in control and overriding any slots in the sensoAPP. I’m thinking the answer is yes, but just wanted confirmation / clarification.

This is this morning’s run.

These are the time slots in the sensoAPP, which have been ignored.

I’ve been migrated to the newer myVaillant app.

But really, I just use the sensocomfort to control schedules… as there is very little to need to do once set up.

From sensocomfort

  • Zone 1
  • Heating

Make sure Mode is Time-Control
In weekly planner you can then set your periods

So a simple plan would be
start 04:30 - 08:00 and 14:00 to 22:00

At other times of the day, setback would kick in.

You can also put your setback temp in this ‘heating’ menu (mine is 19C)… is it a setback you’re wanting to do overnight?

To ensure properly working setback
go to installer menu on sensocomfort, circuit1
set-back mode: Normal (as Eco doesn’t do what you think it should!)

So you don’t actually set your setback if that makes sense? If you don’t set a heating schedule against a 30 min time slot, it will default back to set back.

Does that help?

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Thanks Mick for taking the time to type this out. My settings are exactly as you’ve listed, apart from the setback temp set to 17ºC from a 19ºC desired temp in the schedule.

Blockquote… is it a setback you’re wanting to do overnight?

I’m wanting to understand why the heating comes on at different times to the weekly planner schedule. Not that it’s an issue or anything is wrong but I like to understand the controls.

It is weird that’s it ignoring the schedule, although I was never confident of the old app!! LOL

What is it showing in the sensocomfort?

This is my ‘weekly plan’
ie, week days 04:30 - 08:00 and 14:00 to 22:00
and setback at all other times.

sensoCOMFORT is showing the Time-controlled heating active icon on the home screen (top left-hand corner)

Heating is showing as on Time-control

And here’s the schedule that I set in the sensoAPP and shows up here in the sensoCOMFORT

Just seems to ignore the schedule and do its own thing. :upside_down_face:

In sensocomfort installer menu / circuit1, what’s you Min.target flow temp set to?

In reality, the vaillant weather comp just uses a combination of indoor target temp and the chosen curve to pluck a flow temp to use.

As long as that temp is within min and max settings.

So your min setting has to be lower than for 17 indoors and (0.X on the curve).

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…what’s you Min.target flow temp set to?
…As long as that temp is within min and max settings.
So your min setting has to be lower than for 17 indoors and (0.X on the curve).

Min. target flow temp: 20ºC may be the reason then as it’s higher than the set back. I will adjust and see how we get on. :crossed_fingers:

Note: min flow temp (in that setting) is not to be confused with target indoor room temp. ie 20C min flow temp and 17C setback temp. Are very different things.

If you’re on 0.6 curve and it was 8C outside.

When choosing internal target temp 19C you should have around 27C/28C flow temp (which looks about right according to the first screen grab you posted)

But for 17C setback that would drop to around 18C flow (the calculation is 5C flow temp for every 1C internal temp change)

So you do need to drop that min flow temp. As it does look like it’s hitting some ceiling?

Does that make sense?

Although you’re at the point where is 18C temperature water in the rads going to raise the room temp? :man_shrugging:

Be interesting to see how this pans out.

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Yeah, I understand that.

Yes that makes perfect sense. I think I was trying to run before I could walk in terms of optimising system efficiency. I’ve increased the set back temp to 19ºC and the desired temp to 20ºC to let the system run and get some solid data to review.

In some respects I’ll be glad when the heating season kicks in properly as this shoulder period between Summer/Autumn and warm/cold makes it more difficult for a newbie to see what’s going on. There’s additional variables which can stop/start the heat pump. With time I will get to know how it works and what to look for.

I had 2 more AAVs fitted this week on the primary flow and returns. Note to self: must clip off those cable ties tags). I’m bleeding some air out of a few rads each day which is encouraging to hear/see.


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