Heat Pump app not working as before

New user so this may be a very simple fix. Last week we had a power outage and the power came on and off a few times. Soon after my heat pump app changed appearance and I lost the ability to view hourly or daily data. Anybody able to point me in the right direction?

EmonCMS Auto updates upon reboot.

It may have been interrupted.

Login SSH and Try: “cd /var/www/emoncms && git pull”

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Thanks to Trystan, this issue is resolved.Details of the very simple fix attached in case anyone else has this problem.

Does the display default to the Month view or the All Time view until you click on a button or bar? Whatever, the bars are too narrow to click accurately on a small mobile device, so now I have to click Week before I click a bar, which is rather irritating because I installed Emoncms in part to get away from the excessive number of clicks that Melcloud needs to see key info.

That said, even with this step backwards, emoncms still wins because the info collected by the heat pump app is split across three Melcloud charts, each requiring multiple clicks to access and no way to bookmark.