Harizanov wifi relay board firmware

I’ve been happily running an esp8266 driven fridge thermostat with a very early version of Mr. Harizanovs lovely thermostat firmware for quite a while now. I’d enjoy making a meat curing (humidistat) cabinet with a newer version of the firmware but can’t seem to find it anywhere. There seems to have been a compiled single relay version of it hosted on this site, but the link is down, redirects to the main page. Would anyone here be so kind as to send me the necessary .bin file so as to set my charcuterie dreams into action?

If the file was on this site, and you know the name of the file from the dead link, try “find file” here: forum-archive/sites/default/files at master · openenergymonitor/forum-archive · GitHub

Thank you for your response.
Can’t seem to locate it there either. I found the original guide here; WiFi MQTT Control Relay Thermostat - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor
And the dead firmware link; Home | OpenEnergyMonitor
Any tips?

@gwil might be able to dig it out for you.

Here’s hoping!

Sorry, here’s the missing bootloader: ESP8266_Relay_Board/bootloader.zip at master · openenergymonitor/ESP8266_Relay_Board · GitHub

The link in the guide has been updated. Thanks for letting us know.

I’ve created a dedicated git repo with latest firmware and resources for the single channel relay all in once place:

This repo contains the V2088.bin firmware.

I will update the guide.

Fantastic work!

Cheers buddy.

Just one last query.
From what I understand the DHT22 sensor isn’t compatible with the single relay version.
Any idea where I could find @Martin_Harizanov 's latest firmware .bin? Need to get a humidity reading…

Thanks for any leads!