Hardware layout for RFM2pi

Hi guy’s

The link for the rgm2pi pcb is not active anymore ? ( I need the cat file )

https://github.com/openenergymonitor/RFM2Pi/blob/master/board/v2/RFM2Pi_v2.6.brd <== this one
https://github.com/openenergymonitor/RFM2Pi/blob/master/board/v2/RFM2Pi_v2.6.sch <== and also this one

I need those files :wink: regards

Hi Dennis,

The files you’re looking for are there. To get them, all you need to do is download the Zip file.
(the green Clone or Download button on this page: GitHub - openenergymonitor/RFM2Pi: RFM12B to Raspberry Pi board)

The repo had a reshuffle sometime ago, the equivalent links to the same files are now

RFM2Pi/RFM2Pi_v2.6.brd at master · openenergymonitor/RFM2Pi · GitHub
RFM2Pi/RFM2Pi_v2.6.sch at master · openenergymonitor/RFM2Pi · GitHub

Can you tell us where you got the outdated links so they might be updated?

The broken links are on this page:


I was in the middle of a PR so they could be fixed, but wasn’t having any luck. :frowning:

In that case I would argue the links should be




as then the raw content can just be copy and pasted into a file using ctrl-a ctrl-c ctrl-p or just right click and “save as”. The original linked pages have no download ability etc if you are unfamiliar with github and do not know to click “raw” you are potentially snookered.

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FTFY :grin:

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Tnx, PB! thumbsup

Hi guy’s tnx for your quick response. :+1: