Hardware Install - EmonPi Assembled PCB Only - No Enclosure

I bought a EmonPi Assembled PCB Only - No Enclosure

The kit comes without the case but with out the LCD Display to , this device its a functional part , not a case part
Anyway I would like to know how can I get the Emonpi IP to configure in Emoncms.org cloud server via Wifi in a home user , I cant see the ip because I don’t have it , soo what its the alternative
In the Set up guide explain in a note
Unplugging power from the emonPi without following the correct shutdown procedure can result in a corrupted SD card.
I request an answer about it via email , but I cant get it , its about How can I made the correct procedure if I don’t have the power on off button , apparently that comes with the case too

Apologies for confusion, the shop title “assembled PCB only” should have made clear that you were purchasing just the emonPi PCB. However the emonPi will work fine without the LCD, you will just need to find it’s IP address via your router’s DHCP table or a network scanning tool such as Fing on Android / IOS.

You will need to connected via SSH and issue $ sudo halt command to shutdown the emonPi without the LCD. The warning message you are referring to is probably being over cautious. Since the root FS is in read-only data corruption is very unlikely.

Sorry, we have never received an email from you, to which address did you send?

Another easy solution is a small trial and error on your computer. Assuming windows > go to Command Prompt and type: ipconfig

There you see your own IPv4 adress. Assuming that your network is small, you can try to change the last number to another higher or lower. In my case I have and the EmonPi is

Give it a try :wink:

thanks glyn and bart for the prompt answer
I send email via [email protected]
yes maybe I confuse about what comes with the purchased , just ask about on off button because appear as note warning in start up guide , to keep me sure if I don’t have the on off button just unplugging it dosnt bad would occur
I will try the both option solution about emon pi IP

PD : I have the emonpi , the raspberry version 1.6 v july 2015 , I should buy a USB WIFI Edimax EW-7811UN

Thanks !!!

Where did you get that email from? I have never seen that email address ever before, it’s certainly not ours! For future ref see the support page on the shop.

DHCP IP can location can be quite random, this method might be a bit hit and miss! The easiest method (which I use daily) is to use Fing mobile app, its also on IOS.

I send a email from that email address
Date: Wed, 25 May 2016 14:44:42 +0000
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: [OpenEnergyMonitor] Re: RE: [OpenEnergyMonitor] Re: RE: [OpenEnergyMonitor] Re: RE: [OpenEnergyMonitor] Re: smart monitoring

I have the emonpi , the raspberry version 1.6 v july 2015 , I should buy a USB WIFI Edimax EW-7811UN ???

Apologies, I thought you said the was the email you had sent the support request to! The support email you used is correct.

I have the emonpi , the raspberry version 1.6 v july 2015 , I should buy a USB WIFI Edimax EW-7811UN ???

If you want wifi then yes you will need a USB wifi adapter.

I would recommend you upgrade your sd card to the latest image emonSD-03may16.

If i dont find in my country USB WIFI Edimax EW-7811UN i can use any Wifi Module|Dongle for raspberry? for example this model would be usefull Wifi Usb Raspberry Pi Edup Ep-n8508gs

How can I attach a image to show only i could get access close to Ground Fault Interrupter AC , the energy meter its on the street , to connect the max clip-on current sensor CT its ok ?
or just connecting the 9V AC i would get energy metering
Thanks !!

We have not tested with this adapter, I’m sure it could be made to work but I cannot be sure.

If possible I would recomend using both CT sensor and AC-AC adapter for accurate Real Power measurements. However just the CT sensor will work to provide you with approximate Real Power (current only) measurements.

i ll try thanks !!

You can put the CT on any single cable that carries all the current into your house.

If you have only the 9 V ac adapter, you will measure only the voltage, not the power.
If you have only the CT, you will measure only the current, but you can guess an approximate value for the voltage and have an approximate value for the power.
If you have both 9 V ac adapter and CT, you will measure both voltage and current and have an accurate value for the power.

thanks Robert!!

hi I need to upgrade as you suggest but I found different guides for it
One of them its


with some config to made in Emoncms

Only download this image its enough or I should install to Raspberry Pi Documentation - Getting Started

If I would install it in new SD Card from my pc , , what do you recommended use that I ready purchased or newone


what of

I’m experience this issue when I try to update following this guide Raspberry Pi Documentation - Getting Started
I tried with the SD pre Built Card Emonpi bought and new one 16gb Kingston

I would recommend you download the latest emonSD-03May16 4GB pre-build image from here and flash to a spare micro sd card (minimum 4GB). Instructions to flash are on the download / changelog page. Once you have flashed to an SD card, insert into the Pi and follow User Guide

I ready did it following your suggestions ,
how could i configure a different wifi nodle , directly into SD card , ?

Once you are up and running with the new SD card image, as I mentioned in my last post follow the User Guide to setup Wifi:

I Post Before
I don’t have the LED Display to get Emon Pi IP
I don’t have RJ45 Ethernet Conector
I Don’t Have USB WiFi dongle (Edimax EW7811UN). I have a TP Link TL-WN722N nano
Following your instructions I cant see in Emoncms the wifi because is not configured

What are my options to get configured the Wifi TL-WN722N ?

You can find the IP from your router DCHP table or use Fing Android / IOS app

Unless you are using a model A, all RasPi’s have an Ethernet connector

The instructions to connect to Wifi are written for LOCAL Emoncms running on your emonBase. It’s not possible to connect emoncms.org to Wiifi!

Sorry, I have no experience with this WiFi adapter