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Had enough! Happy to spend some money to fix this

My old style OpenEVSE unit has served me well over the years except for a periodic loss of config data a few times. This appears to be coincident with a power failure but not always.

Anyhow, I dealt with this by taking screen shots of the OpenEVSE pages so re-setting values was no big deal. Unfortunately, when I upgraded my main PC I appear to have lost the images and am back to doing something I was never happy with and this time I can’t get going again.

My unit uses an ESP8266 module and I believe there is an ESP32 upgrade available which hopefully is a tad more reliable. Also, my OpenEVSE sits next to a mesh satellite unit so a wired connection would make far more sense.

Please advise what I need to order to achieve a more reliable unit.

Hi Brian,

Upgrading to Ethernet connection is no problem, you just need an Ethernet gateway:

If you want to return the unit to us we would be happy to fit the Ethernet gateway and upgrade the controller FW and test the unit free of charge. Drop us an email to arrange this [email protected]

That is a very kind offer @glyn.hudson but it would be too disruptive. Fortunately, I have got it all working again but looking at the ESP32 _WiFI gateway I noticed it requires controller firmware V7.1.2. I appear to be running V4.8 so I wonder if this is why my system corrupts its config data?
Is it worth me purchasing a widget so I can upgrade the firmware? If so, how do I tell what controller hardware I am using as the shop need to know this when ordering.

Nice work!

All version of the EVSE controllers can run V7.x firmware. You will need an ISP programmer to update:

See update instructions: GitHub - openenergymonitor/open_evse: Firmware for OpenEnergyMonitor OpenEVSE