Guess home occupation


I would like to “guess” if my home is occuped or not, only with the electrical consumption.
I worm my home with electric, and i always keep one the heating (because my home is in a very cold place…)

Does anyone has alreadey thing about this ?


If nothing changes between when you are at home and when you are not at home, then it will not be possible to know when you are at home and when you are not.

Therefore, you must find something special that happens only when you are at home, and detect that.

But I think the most reliable way will be an infra-red “occupancy detector” that can sense the body heat of a person in a room - and you will need one in each room that you normally use.

Are you asking how to detect occupancy to control the heating or are you asking how to detect occupancy from the heating by measuring it’s energy consumption?

Home Assistant has a number of integrations that do this very well - phones connected to Wi-Fi is the most commonly used. You can then use that to control other things (and make that sensor available externally).

Here more details

I want to know if à home is occuped without any hardware device (no costs)

I read Energy consumption from the french lincky powermeter (average power each 30’)

Some ideas :
if electric thermal water start => home is certainly used
If some consumptions during the day => used

Un most if case a humain can detect with a good probability if it is used just by looking the consumption graph

I would like a API request like this :
/feed/detect.json?id=ID of the feed &day=DAY
=>result : 1 or 0,

No, there are no api calls like that. You would need to write a little script that did something like

(psuedo code)

x = wget

if x > threshold
    status = "occupied"
    status = "vacant"

print status

You will need to add some work to the wget, I can’t remember the options offhand, I used to do it alot but haven’t done it for a while so wouldn’t trust my memory. The response will probably need sanitising or formatting to a numeric value since it will be a (json) string that’s returned

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