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Hi, I am interested in using the Groups capability but am unable to set it up.

How to Create a group with users on

Was this capability removed from I do not see Groups under Setup. In looking at the repository link, the last update was Nov 2020 and it looks like it is for hosted or local versions of emonCMS (not the version I am currently using).

Or, is there a way to utilize groups on that I am not finding?



Hello @grod55

I’ve actually added in the last week (but not announced) a new linked accounts module to The groups module got overly complicated unfortunately and the version on was running a long way behind the main code base.

To try the new approach, open Accounts in the Setup menu and add or create new users through this interface, on these are automatically added to the linked users for billing purposes as listed under ‘My Account’:

This module is also on github here: GitHub - emoncms/account: Multi account administration

It’s possible to limit access to users created through this module, e.g either disable user login or only allow read access to the account for the user. This is designed for installers who want to create an account for a customer without risk of configuration getting changed etc.

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thank you for setting this up; I believe this will greatly help our project. I want to understand the sequence I should follow when setting this up, as I added a user account, but couldn’t figure out how to add the feeds they can view.

Using your Heatpump installer as an example. If I have 5 customer accounts and I want to provide read-only access to each, do I set up the inputs, feeds, etc on my installer account and then grant read access to each customer? Or is each customer site set up separately? As mentioned above, I’ve been able to add a user, but can’t figure out how to add the feeds to the user.



Hello Gordon, once you add a user, click on the ‘view’ button to switch to that user context. As an admin you will have full read and write access to that user and can setup the inputs and feeds as you would do on a standard account.

To switch back to the Admin account, click on the user icon top-right and then click ‘Admin’ to return.

To make an account read only for the user, just click through on the green ‘write access’ label on the admin user list.

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OMG, this is so useful. I’ve been logging out/in between each different user’s account like a chump.

Hi Trystan,

I think the issue I am having is the way I set the account up initially. I have 3 locations all set up under my account. Now I am trying to grant access to a user that does NOT have an emonCMS account. When I create the user account no feeds show.

So, I think that I should have created each location under a separate user account and then connected them with the Groups function. Is this how I should be doing it?

Having said all that (and I am prepared to recreate the accounts per location), is there a way to grant additional users read-only permissions on individual locations? If I am understanding this correctly, there is a limit of 2 users per location (the master admin and the user account) - I have an instance where I need 3 users (the master and 2 user accounts).

Of course, I could be completely misunderstanding how to use Groups and I am ready to be corrected.

Thanks again,


Is there any documentation on setting up Groups as I cannot find it?

Once I create a new user, I go to Inputs and nothing shows, so I can’t create feeds. Therefore, I assume I must set up the emon installation (eg emonBase or emonPi2) with the new user credentials and the master account API. Is this correct?

Does this also mean that any existing inputs created under the master account are not assignable to the new user?

With this in mind, I think this is the process, but I want to ensure.

1 Add a new User
2 Use the new user credentials to set up an emonBase and use the master API key
3 Configure the new user inputs/feeds in emonCMS

Also, what is the process to change the user login credentials on an emonBase or emonPi2?

Please advise.

Thank you,


Hello @grod55

The new emonBase/emonPi2 needs to point to the apikey of the sub account not the master account.


Correct apart from using the master API key. You want the read and write apikey from the new user account (sub account).

This can be done via the My Account page on the emonBase and emonPi2

OK. that makes sense. I will try this today.