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Ground source heat pump monitoring

Merry Christmas!

Having a bit of spare time this days I wanted to order a Heat pump monitor Mbus based Rasp Pi hat from Open energy shop for my Ground source open loop heat pump monitoring project.
I do have a MID approved heat meter installed some time ago but just realised it is not the MBUS protocol.

Instead there is a label rs485 Modbus on the 4 wires cable.
I also have a electric meter with the same Modbus protocol.
I have tried to get more info around here but I couldn’t find to much info on Modbus heatmeters.

My question,
Has someone successfully read this kind of heat meters?
Or, is there any Modbus interface that can be used on the Raspberry pi hat, so it can read the heatmeter and the electric meter the same way it reads data from MBUS hardware?


Hello @luxprospector what is the model number of the heat meter that you have there?

emonhub has a modbus reader interfacer that should be flexible enough to read in the data: emonhub/ at master · openenergymonitor/emonhub · GitHub

You will need to specify or work out the relevant data registers to read from. Id be interested to hear how you get on.

Hi Tristan, my heat meter is a UF50 ultrasonic Heat Meter from Micronics UK.


Now I am reading with a Raspberry pi, flow and return temperatures and also control the heat pump with some relays on and off times .
I don’t have to much experience with electronic stuf or programming.
For this reason I was trying to buy a ready-made solution for my project. I have tried with a usb to rs485 adaptor to read some data but no success so far.
Could you explain what hardware and software would be needed?

Finally I made some progress reading the data from the heat meter to my windows pc with the usb modbus adapter,

The problem now is I don’t know how to make the changes in the Modbus interface in emonhub to be able to read the heat meter.
Is there any one that can guide me how can I achieve that ?