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Grid use from Pulse Count

Hi - just getting set up and learning my way around.

I have the pulse counter which I am hopeful to give me an accurate amount drawn from the grid using the Grid Use App.

I have set up the following having search the internet and forums

1.log to feed (optional as the next process also records each raw value)
2. total pulsecount to pulse increment (records the raw value for use next time and passes the calculated increment to 3. the next processor)
3. x0.001 (scale to kWh from Wh)
4. kwh to kwh/d (daily_kWh)
5. Accumulator (total_kWh)
6. kwh to power (power in watts, calculated from the increasing total)

Setting step 6. to House or building use in watts
step 4. to Cumulative use in kWh

POWER NOW on the graph looks correct when I am actually pulling from the grid, but it never zeros once I stop and
TODAY never populates at all.

Clearly I am doing something wrong…

Don’t flame me too badly… I’m new here… :wink: