GreenEye direct to

Hi, after my 4 GEM’s have been mounted but not connected for several years, I’m finally getting around to hooking them up one CT at a time.

I’d like to post data directly to the hosted EmonCMS instance, and I purchased credits, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how.

In this thread there are instructions for posting to a local EmonCMS, but the instructions refer to a GEM Direct device, when I add a device in EmonCMS, there is no option for a GEM Device.

Any pointers on how to configure GEM to post to EmonCMS?

With some trial and error and help from BrulTech I got it working.

Set the GEM ethernet mode to mixed.
Enable DNS, make sure a DNS server IP is entered (I used DHCP), and enter “” in server box.

Launch the web config.
In the packet send tab set the format to 10 for emoncms.
In the data format tab set the URL to “”, and the URL extension to “/input/post”
Enter the emoncms read/write key in the token field, and enter a short name or number for the device in the node field.

The main problem I had was due to the URL and extension field values. The emoncms posting URI changed from api to input/post, and the URL field was treated like a FQDN, so would become http://

I still don’t understand why the network config utility needs a server name set and the web config needs a server name set, but anyway.

I discovered the discrepancies by connecting wireshark to my router and I could clearly see the malformed GET URI and the error response of 400 bad request.

Between GEM not providing any form of debug output and hosted emoncms not providing support or debug output, it was a bit difficult the use of hosted emoncms, I hope the support and debug ability improves?