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Green BMS: new open source smart BMS

Hello, I would like to share my project with you, in the hope that it will be of interest to you.
I made a BMS that I installed in my daughter’s e-max scooter (16s 48v)
It is a BMS for prismatic cells, with modules that are fixed to the positive pole of each cell.
Each module is based on Attiny microcontroller and communicates in I2c with the control unit based on Arduino Mega.
The BMS is controlled and managed via an Android application on a smartphone connected to the BMS via Bluetooth.

I decided to share Open Source the whole project on this site:
Green BMS – Smart BMS Bluetooth Open source

I also created the Youtube channel:

On Google Play Store you can download the Android App (the app name is Green BMS) that contains the offline demo, in order to see the features it offers.
Let me know your opinion…

All project files are available at the following link: GitHub - Green-bms/SmartBMS: Open source Smart Battery Management System

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I made the step by step instructions to build Green BMS.
You can find them at the following link: