Graphs and Small Monitoring Unit

Hi Guys. Just getting to grips with all the statistics and graphs now at my disposal, being able to see power consumption over night and during the day is fantastic,… and being able to go back over history is just amazing.
But,… I have two questions,…

  1. when in the graphs menu and having created ‘new graphs’, it seems I can only see 7 previously created graphs,… I see the tools for listing etc via a web URL,… but it seems strange I cannot view scroll from pull down menu.
  2. Having got the bug for seeing what goes on with power drain/consumption,… I can see spikes in usage kicking in over night,… now I am sure some of this is the fridges etc,… but I was wondering are there any small unit that track fit single outlet sockets,… so one can see and close look what is actually drawing the extra power.
    Has anyone created such a unit,… for hunting down occasional power users…
    Many tx,… to all supporters I love this project…

No. 1 is one for @TrystanLea - he wrote emonCMS. (Are you talking about your local emonCMS, or

No.2 - Nobody has done this as far as I’m aware. I can see what you want: a “cheap & cheerful” emonTx in the form of the commercial plug-in monitors that have an integral display (and little else).

No. 1 is one for @TrystanLea - he wrote emonCMS. (Are you talking 
about your local emonCMS, or

I am using Local cms…

“cheap & cheerful” emonTx

Yep,… exactly,… one CT,… maybe two,… wifi config,… no fancy bells and whistles,… as long as it ties into the EmonBase for data logging.

As for #2, I use these tplink. They can be picked up for about $AU25. They can be monitored using wifi if you want or just with a phone app. I have mine on the fridge power point and a couple on other loads.
While they do work, they are setup to use DHCP which can be annoying when they get assigned a new IP address (there are workarounds).
If you want ongoing, regular data integrated into emonCMS then you can use some simple scripts (bash on rPi, Node-red, python etc.) to feed the data via MQTT.
Here’s an example of my fridge/freezer load over the last few hours using one of these.

You can even see the motor inrush power if it coincides with the sampling. (I sample every 6 seconds).

Hello @diyhouse

Im cant seem to replicate that here, it’s working fine for me. Do you have the latest version of emoncms? I have a vague recollection of there being an issue like this in an older version…

Hi Trystan,… many tx for responding,…I did a full update,… as I had not performed one since install,… everything seems to be still working,. :-)… and I think my graphs are all available to select… what happens as I create more graphs,… does the ‘graph select’ window turn into a scrolling select window?
where / is the list of current s/w releases for the various components,… I ‘assume’ EmonPicms will flag when there are updates available,… is this true?

Many thanks for the link Anthony ,…The tplink monitor appears to be quite feature rich allowing for remote controlled on/off,… as well as the current monitoring. It is certainly and option,… but was wondering if anyone out there had cobbled together a Mini_emontx,… with just two CTs…

Hi Many tx for your replay,… but I was (probably) being a little
optimistic,… and looking for a simple unit that ties into emoncms… so
time can be directly compared to when loads change etc…



The unit give suggested give nice data to a phone,… which is one option