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Graph suggestion

Hi all,

If I understand the UI correctly, in a graph I can select the interval in seconds, and if I don’t select the “fix” checkbox that interval will be automatically adjusted if I change the viewing range.

That indeed works but not the way I would expect or prefer it :slight_smile: If I display a 1 week period, with “Fixed interval: 9600” and “fixed” unchecked I do get 6h wide bars. But as soon as I simply shift the period (using the left-right arrows at the top) the interval goes back to what seems to be the default for a weekly graph, 900. Similarly if I click the "D"above the graph I get the 120s default for daily views.

Would it be possible to save the initial interval entered along with the graph, and to adjust it automatically so that its relative width to the viewing period length is maintained?
So for example if I choose a 1 day interval when viewing 1 month data, I would expect that clicking “W” above the graph would change the interval to 6h (1 day / 4).
In other terms the algorithm would preserve the “width” of each bar as the viewing period is adjusted…

Short of this, is it possible to change the 3600, 900, 120 interval defaults somewhere in emoncms’s configuration?

What do you think?

That’s odd. If I display a weekly graph and change the 900 to 9600 and Reload, I get 12 hr bars. I agree with what you say about the effect of the buttons above the graph though.

Are there any plans to produce any documentation for the graph module? It’s pretty tedious having to experiment with every feature to try and understand what it will or won’t do. Or even stoop to reading the code. What does ‘Limit to data interval’ do, for example?