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Graph date options

Have installed ecmoncms in windows and find the the options in the graph module date selection, start and end, appear to be better than the graph module being used other emoncms instances (i.e. emonpi and on-line). Is it possible to update emonpi and on-line version to be able to use normal dates to select rather than the timestamp (which so far is not easy to translate).


The recent changes to the date/time input on the graphs module are only on the “master” branch so far, once evaluated and found to be stable, they will no doubt be merged into the “stable” branch. When that happens running an update on the emonPi will pull in those changes automatically. however runs on an independent timeline.

If you really need those changes ahead of release to “stable” you would need to switch branches for the graph module repo on the emonpi. The changes were only introduced late December, allowing for the Xmas break, I would not expect it to be too much longer before they are merged.


That’s great thanks. I wasn’t meaning to rush things, only just installed in windows and happen to see the date options and thought what a great idea (ps FYI it does work okay in windows). Didn’t realise they’d only just been updated. Will wait.


Just on a quick aside. How are we advised when there are changes to the programs to install on either the windows environment or on the emonpi?

No problem, thing might need a nudge to get restarted after the break :slight_smile:

Good to know, thanks.

Now that’s a loaded question that I wish I could give a quick answer to, but the truth is there is no single point that a user can subscribe to and be kept fully up to date with just releases. Sometimes, not always there are announcement threads here on the forum, but as they are often in separate threads rather than a single regularly updated thread, you will only find those if you log into the forum (unless you are lucky enough that they happen to be included in the weekly roundup newsletter email.) There has been some discussion about pinning those announcements to the top of the “latest” but that still requires a login and check.

IMO there should be a locked thread per software that just mods can update with new releases, and users can subscribe to any or all of those threads to get the updates they want to know about by email without having to visit.

I have also been looking at ways of implementing a way for emoncms to display any available updates, but that too will require users to log into emoncms and it will only cover emoncms related stuff not firmwares and other OEM stuff.

Hi @JohnSchols,

I’ve got another batch of changes for the graph module which I’ll upload when I get back home in a few days. I’m hoping that Paul and Glyn are happy enough with them to then include into the master branch.

There are a few areas I’d like to continue expanding, but want to get this next batch in first. We may even be lucky in that my pull request might place my last changes into the stable branch! :wink:


Updated today. So far graph look good. Thanks