Got the v5.1.0_modified installed on my EmonEVSE

And it looks great:)

If I could comment,

It could look even better if the clock as it is in the upper right corner, was in the same style box as the other status panels.

But that’s just esthetic…

Actually I’d like to query if the NTP functionality could be improved - by showing it on the clock panel when it is out of sync, or if the current running clock is not what is expected out of the history. It is kind of not immediately recognisable after changing the set NTP server address, whether sync has happened or not. Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right place.

Story time:

I’ve had my evse set to clock from browser for reasons unrelated for a while, and then there was a power cut - and that resets the clock. No big problem unless it is set to ‘browser’ and one forgot about it… Had car charge about 18kWh before I spotted that it was running outside of the cheaper tariff…

Speaking of clock and schedule:

My cheap tariff is bound to the GMT clock. I.e. winter time. It is called Economy7 ( Brits may be familiar) and is generally running between 1am to 8 am GMT, winter time. That is 2am to 9 am summer time. Because the meter does not account for changing DST, it runs in GMT at all times.

Could the scheduler have the option to account for non-changing DST at the main tariff meter so one would not have to manually adjust it twice a year:)

I realise that is quite niche…

Also I really like the new gui.