Going to suggest this

(Brian Orpin) #1

A temporary place to experiment with the new forum, and familiarise yourself with posting formats and options.
PLEASE! use the main forum categories for questions & support.

I was about to suggest this…

Linked topic example - Mobile view
(Jon Murphy) #2

Brian - there is a Sandbox area - will that work for the Sandpit?


(Brian Orpin) #3

I think it appeared as I was suggesting it… :grinning:

(Paul Reed) #4

Brian, It appeared because you suggested it!


(Jon Murphy) #5


From the dates in the Sandbox I think it was created near the 15th.

(Paul Reed) #6

Jon, aware of the sandbox area, but not sure if that was intended for this purpose, as it doesn’t have a description, or visible from the forum home… if it is duplicity, I’m sure Glyn will delete one or the other.
That’s why I created sandpit a few minutes ago.


(Jon Murphy) #7

It sounds like they are the same. But I do like the pic you added to the sandpit and the description!

(Paul Reed) #8

You may be already aware, that you earn badges in the new forum which establishes ‘trust’ in your forum profile.
Because I clicked ‘Like’ in your post Jon, I got a shiny new badge!


First Like
This badge is granted the first time you like a post using the heart button. Liking posts is a great way to let your fellow community members know that what they posted was interesting, useful, cool, or fun. Share the love!

(Brian Orpin) #9

Ah yes I just got that notification :laughing:

(Jon Murphy) #10

Wear those badges proudly!

(Paul Reed) #11

ooops! Jon - I’ve got another… so has Brian!


(Paul) #12

Please ignore this post I’m just testing something :slight_smile:

(Paul) #13

replying to my post above

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Some random post…

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