Glyn spotted on the BBC

Here are some people chatting about tinkering to save money:


Yeah I saw that and noticed Glynn and also that they had reached out to a spokesperson from Home Assistant. These guys will be famous one day :slight_smile:

from reading the article - "For people who haven’t got double glazing… " -

here a tid bit on energy saving and reducing your energy needs

we do this in Canada a lot ( do not know if you have the same over the pond as i never notice it on my travels ) , they sell a shrink wrap that we put around windows to improve their efficiency and R rating .
even thought I have triple pane I still use it as it creates a nice air insulation barrier . and no matter how good the windows are, there are always a draft when it windy, also when it very cold it eliminates the feeling of cold air just pouring off the glass . our windows open outwards, so the stronger the wind the tighter the seal , in Europe you tend to have windows that open inwards so drafts increase as it gets windier . I do not buy the shrink wrap so much i prefer vinyl and double sided tape tape around the casement and then stick the vinyl to it ( and you can reuse it over and over for years) you can put it on inside or the outside of the window if you like . if the house is particularly old and drafty and lacking insulation we wrap the entire outside perimeter of the house with plastic. and create an air bubble around the house - doing these things will reduce heating by 10 - 80 % depending on the house and what condition it is in
– I also find using paint tape going around the window to seal off the draft from the outside helps alot then when it warmer just peel it off

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They mostly open outwards here in the UK. Shutters on domestic properties are not very common here, so that might be part of the reason.

It’s a shame he hasn’t got a GitHub page to describe that unit.