Git clone is not available

I need some help, im from portugal, my english is … you see :slight_smile:
I try programing the boards with platformIO core 5, but I cant goo. I do a fresh instalation, but I can´t do “view- command pallete- git clone” the git clone is not avaiable “”
Can you tell me here I find a new manual to programing my boards ?
thanks to all

Tente instalar o GITHUB DESKTOP primeiro no seu computador.

Try installing GITHUB DESKTOP on your computer first.

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not working !!!
I close the visual studio, installed the github desktop and opened the platformio, and noting “git clone” :frowning:

You can alternatively download all files from thatvgithub repository to a folder on your computer, then using visual studio, open the workspace located in that folder works great, do remember to refresh you program tasks regularly to get the upload file system image ;(

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Ok, now you have GITHUB DESKTOP installed, use that to clone to repository into a folder on your computer.

File → Clone Repository

You can then skip the “git” command in Visual Studio Code and simply open the workspace on your folder.


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hi stuart, thanks for your attention. is working after I install the git in my pc “Git - Downloading Package” after that the “git clone” is available in the visual studio.
everting is programming now !!
now is connecting and test :wink: