Ghost pulse meter reading

Hi everyone,

I discovered that the input being used for the pulse meter (installed on an expander I believe) had been recording a reading for months before I installed the pulse meter again in late January. Nothing was connected on that input and the temperature probes connected to the expander have been working fine. Any idea what caused this? It is a significant increase…

In addition, since it was installed the cumulative pulse reading feed has recorded two jumps that I also can’t figure out why they have occurred.

When I look a the heat meter readings connected to the HP there doesn’t seem to be any sudden increase in use to have caused those jumps:

Lastly, is the negative reading on the above graph caused because the ret temp is larger than the supply temp? The graphs match this hypothesis.

Thank you for your help! I am having issues with the Mbus meter connection so I need a reliable pulse meter reading to calculate the COP of the pump!

Can you take a screenshot of your Inputs and processes. I’ve noticed my Wh accumulator is running amok with my Pulse input.

@TrystanLea have any changes been made to the input process recently?

I think my problem is MQTT related. See linked post.

Thank you @borpin for you reply. However, after speaking to the person in charge of equipment it appears I was mistaken and the device was only uninstalled in May 2020 not January…