GFCI Fault Service Required when I connect the plug to the car

I installed my Openevse a month ago, and I’ve charged successfully twice since then. After the last charge, I updated the wifi module to 4.1.7 since I’m in version 8.2.0 EU.
Yesterday night I scheduled the charge from 2am to 6am (my cheapest rate) and this morning the car wasn’t charged :frowning:.
Now, I’m trying to charge manually (no scheduled) but every time I connect the plug to the car the charger is saying GFCI Fault, service required.

I’ve tried to disable the GFCI self-check (I’m in Europe so RCD is in place) but no luck…
Any suggestion? might be the wifi firmware upgrade the problem? I didn’t restore the old version I had 4.1.3, but not sure if that might be the case.

Thank you in advance and any help is appreciated.

Ok, I’ve physically disconnected the GFCI coil plus disabled the flag in the portal and now it looks like is working again… not sure what’s going on. If I boot up without a CFGI connection but the flag is activated in the portal, is complaining, so I’m guessing the connection was ok. It has been working fine the last two times, might be the coil is broken?. I’ve double-checked all the cables and connections and they look ok, also I made sure the low voltage cable and high voltage wiring are contrary, low close to the bottom and high away from the bottom…