GFCI failed, service required

Hi, I’ve got the above message today having finally got round to running an Ethernet cable to the unit yesterday.
When opening the case the brown live wire fell out of connection block that connects to the front type2 socket. It had pulled clean out of the crimp, so I removed the crimp and reattached. It feels like it’s in firm now.

It’s an emon evse FW 8.2.0t2
WiFi fw 4.13

I assumed I had disturbed on of the connections in opening the case but have checked them all and looks ok.

Reading on another post it suggested turning off gfci if via rcd, it is, so I tried and it still aborts the charge straight away and red fault message on LCD.

Any help much appreciated.

Think I’ve worked it out… the brown wire needs to go through the Gfci loop as well as the blue?

Yes, both must pass through the GFCI loop. In normal operation, the current going in one direction on the line (brown) and back on the neutral (blue) cancel each other out. If the current is leaking to earth there would be an imbalance between the two and a current is detected by the GFCI CT. Having just the one connector through the CT would look the same to the CT as an earth fault.

Many thanks for the confirmation. Now amended and working well :+1:

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