Getting started with solar PV monitoring

Hi open energy monitor community

It is really exciting what you are doing here (:

I’m currently working on PhD regarding sustainable interaction design.
I’m about to start a new study with families that have solar panels,
where I will try to make a design that aligns production and
consumption better (:

So I had a look at your open energy monitor system and as far as I
understand the system is able to provide historically and real-time data about both
consumption and PV production. However, I’m not a hardware person and
I have some difficulties figuring out what the is needed of the open
energy monitor kit to measure both.

Hope you can help me

Our Solar PV application guide should help you.

Hardware required under the solar PV tab on the User Guide Setup page:

Also, the energy diverters will allow excess generation to be used on-site, instead of being exported.