Getting started with energy monitoring using RasPi + CT sensors

Hi all…

so I"m still trying to work through everything here, initially I found the site for the hallway CT sensor and and the OPC’s. Thinking I want to make them work with one of my RPi’s by making ti work, side cutter, wiring everything together… aka not buying the OpenEnergy HW control units.

At the moment it looks like I probably will have 12 CT sensors + a OPC.

Who’s done this, do you have examples how to wire the CT sensors to a RPi.


That is off-topic here, and I have answered that question: Pairing 100A max clip-on current sensor CT with RaspIO 8 channel Analog->Dig converter - #2 by Robert.Wall

Please don’t cross-post, it wastes everyone’s time.

This was I think my first posting until I started figuring out the layout of the site. crossposting was not intentional.