Getting started and envisioning Fuzzy Logic

Hi, I have just joined the community. So, I am reading and trying to understand what is going on. This looks like a good group to get started. Please direct me to a more appropriate group or perhaps I should start my own group. I don’t have any hardware for this at the moment.

My project is to gather incoming electric and gas supply data, analyze it, and work out individual device kW usage using fuzzy logic. Data buffering and storage I expect will be important parts of this project, so that’s why I am here.
Am I in the right place?

Welcome, Alan, to the OEM forum.

Probably not - so I’ve moved you. I doubt you’ll be wanting just an ESP8266.

That’s a big problem, especially for someone new here. In a nutshell, we’ve been hit by the global semiconductor shortage and so we’ve recently launched a new energy monitor, the emonTx4 (the mainstay of our energy monitoring system), which has a completely different processor to its predecessor. On it’s own, this only gathers data and sends it somewhere. The ‘somewhere’ can either be a Raspberry Pi running our own emonCMS (which incorporates databases etc) or an on-line version at You will probably not want the on-line version.

So my advice for a starting point is to look at what the emonTx4 is capable of, and then try to get your head around emonCMS. But a warning - we’re also in the throes of re-organising the documentation, so you are likely to come across dead links (notes of their locations all gratefully received :wink:).

You’ll also see the emonPi - this is a 2-channel version of the (old) emonTx and a Raspberry Pi all in one box.

Whatever else, don’t be afraid to ask. There’s only one stupid question - it’s the one where you assume we know what you’re thinking - so the more you explain what you want to do and what you have, the better we can help you.

From what I know about what you’re planning, I suspect you will probably need to design and build your own hardware, as the emonTx/emonPi/RPi is designed primarily for whole-house monitoring. But if you do want to purchase from The Shop, until you’re really familiar with the hardware and what can be 'mix and match’ed, do bounce your shopping list off us before you order.

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Thanks Robert. I will give that some thought.

Thanks for setting up this forum for me. It should be helpfull in developing a range of Fuzzy logic - AI projects.

I have now set up a forum with a title more specific to the development of my on concepts on open-source, called :
“Individual Device Energy Monitors IDEMs - Logic 1”
I hope that the name is self-explanatory. I have only started posting there, but in time I hope that the community will find it useful. In the meantime, I will see what else is going on in these forums.

Can someone tell me if this information is linked and uploaded to Github, or is Github not linked to openenergymonitors?

We actually call this a thread or more correctly, a “Topic”.

I have nothing to do with Github - I tried to get to grips with it, but the write-up I found seems to have been written very badly, and I wasted far too much time and gave up. I have a Bash script to download the stuff I need - and it frequently breaks because things move for no apparent reason. So I can’t help at all.

Thanks for the heads up.