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Getting setup wizard page instead of login

Just installed a fresh copy of emonSD (emonSD-17Oct19), setup ssh access and wireless configuration (ssh and wpa_supplicant.conf file created on the SD card before first boot) but when I point my browser to the IP address of the emonPi I get the quick setup wizard page.
I get the login page if I point the browser to http://IP_address/app

I cleared the browser history and tried with two browsers - Safari and Firefox - same behavior.

Any ideea on how to make the get rid of the network setup wizard page?

It seems that I found a workaround for this issue - I connected the wired interface and pointed the browser to the IP address of that interface.
I got the same setup wizard page, but this time I selected the “Continue on network interface” option and got the login page. After successful login, the following attempts to login produced the desired effect - the login page, not the wizard.
Hope it helps someone else.