Getting OpenEVSE wifi back into AP mode

I’m setting up my OpenEVSE with Wifi but, after a first run of the procedure, the Wifi module has been unable to successfully connect to my home Wifi network for some reason (my router doesn’t show any new devices in its device list and the OpenEVSE LCD display show no IP address). Hence I’d like to get the module back into AP mode and try again.

I’ve tried keeping the GPIO0 button on the Wifi module pressed for 10 seconds while powering the OpenEVSE up but that doesn’t seem to do the trick (there’s no sign of an OpenEVSE_xxxxxx AP on the airwaves).

What am I doing wrong, or is there another way to force AP mode?

This is with Wifi module firmware version 2.5.2, Open EVSE firmware version 4.8.0.

Apologies if I’ve asked this question in the wrong forum: please point me to the right place and I will re-post.

Oh, hold the bus, pressing the reset button on the Wifi module afterwards makes it all work. Strange.