Getting OpenEVSE to display a message or text via APi or MQTT

I been successfully using my OpenEVSE with my solar system and home assistant for 6 months.

Is there any way to send a message to the wifi module of OpenEVSE to display some text on the panel? (in home assistant I have an “EVSE mode” that indicate the current strategy , e.g. “solar only”, “reduced tariff” etc. It would be great to be able to display the current mode on request so the user can toggle the mode, eg using a separate zigbee button).

I have a colour display and the latest wifi firmware.

I am using the great home assistant integration created by “firstof9” but manually sending “grid_ie” via the http API to allow me to control the solar published to openEVSE but I also have MQTT configured.

I think for this use case I would rather give names to the claims and add it to the logic that drives the LCD. The WiFi module has a number of things that can define what is controlling the charge so it might be quite complicated for an external entity to properly display the correct mode.

In any case please raise a ticket on the GitHub repo

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@jeremypoulter Thanks for your speedy reply.

I have created Request for "API for custom message display on LCD" · Issue #744 · OpenEVSE/openevse_esp32_firmware · GitHub

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