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Getting data from inverter to emoncms

Would anyone fancy help intergrading into emon?

I can mess about with scripts but writing code is not my cuppa tea. would anyone be interested in helping I am not even sure we would get the right data from the inverter.
They would need to be a few steps

  • Check the connection from the inverter
  • Check the data is correct
  • Get the data into emon

I could offer my time, a small payment or some hardware.


What type of data you are able to pull from the inverter? And what data you want to post to emoncms?

Hi @recepta

I am not sure where to start with the emonpi/linux

The data I would like.
PV1 voltage
P1 voltage
P1 Power
Today’s Total


are you able to ssh/telnet/http from linux box to the inverter to get the data?

From reading
the inverter would try and send the data to a specified ip address every 300 seconds.
I can login to the webpage for the inverter and set the ip address and port of the emonpi but I am not sure how to get the emompi to accept the data and process it.

You would need an intermediary parser to convert the data to the correct format that emoncms can accept. On git hub they mentioned that inverter can write data to file. If you can get the inverter to write data to that file, then it would be very easy to write a parser that can read data from and post to emoncms

Right I give up, having spent 4 hours today trying to get the script to work and collect some data from the inverter.

Took me 2 hours to work out how to fix:
you may need to install the HTTP::Date module

How do you query the database it create in /var/local/rrd/inverter.rrd if I try and go to the folder I get -bash: cd: rrd: No such file or directory.

Give me a broken windows server any day.

signing off for now to find some alcohol, might have another go tomorrow


sorry, kinda hard to tell without having access to the box …
but from git hub it seamed straight forward to run the script to get the log file.