Get access to the Emonbase


I have just received the Emonbase and emonTX. I am trying to get access to the emonbase but I do not the command to start up. I passed the login state where putting emonpi login: and Password and then I input the read write command ‘rpi-rw’. Then I tried ‘startx’ but it does not work. Could anyone tell me what is the command to get access into the emonbase?

Many thanks


Sounds like you may be a bit confused.

emonBase refers to the hardware. Specifically this, i.e emonBase isn’t software.

Is access to your emonBase via Secure Shell (SSH) what you want?


I want access to the raspberry pi 3 used as emonbase directly. I have pi connected to the monitor, and keyboard. Is it possible to do that?

Most users run them “headless,” but yes, you can connect to it directly.

The problem is I do not know the command line to start it up. For the normal pi i can type ‘startx’ and then i will boost up the window. But for this it does not work. So do you have any idea about this at all?

The X environment isn’t included on the emonSD image. If you want access to emonCMS,
what you need to do is point your web browser at the IP address of the emonBase.
Since you have a keyboard and monitor connected, you can easily determine the IP address by
executing the command /sbin/ifconfig

So you mean I cannot get access directly like in the pic? I need to access via web browser from the PC only?


The emonSD image is built on the Raspbian Jessie “Lite” not the “Full” version, so all the desktop and graphical parts are missing.

You can access via ssh, or the command-line via a keyboard and monitor as you have done. Or you can access the web pages for emoncms from anywhere on the same network (LAN).

The alternatives are to either search the (RPi) forums for guidance on installing the missing packages or you could build your own emonSD image, starting from the Full Raspbian image rather than using the Lite version. The latter is better documented on this site but the former is arguably easier, if you can find a suitable guide.

Ok Thanks

If you stick with the Jessie Lite version, here is information about connecting via SSH:

To access emoncms brows to http://emonpi or http://emonpi.local

NodeRED: http://emonpi:1880
OpenHAB http://emonpi:8080

See default passwords: