Geothermal passive chilled beam for cooling

(stephen krywenko) #1

Since the summer are getting hotter and hotter, and AC almost becoming an essential now a days especially where i live it is brutal especially this year as it basically went from below constant < 0 to a constant +30c in less then a month. that really hard for the body to adapt so quickly … before you had until August to adapt to +30 now it is +30 by the end of May.

I thought I share . what I use as AC. it is extremely cheap system to operate as it basic design is passive mostly. while i do have geo thermal and I could use that to cool my house … i use the “chilled beam” method but instead of cooling using the geothermal pump I simply use the the geo thermal loop. and run that through my chilled beam. it temperature is almost optimal for it as the chilled beam is suppose to cool at a rate just around the dew point… the cooling fluid come in from the ground at 10 to 15 c and will cool my house to 22-25 c ( depending on the temperature out side. but also I have fair amount of heat being introduce to the house because of solar water heaters) … but anyway it is extremely cheap cooling system to operate as my circulation pump is 49 watts per hour or roughly a 1kw a day to operate to cool 1200 sqf house if it ran 24/7 ( for me it runs 8 hrs aday as the nights are cool still .

on a side note and climate change:
maybe it me as I get older but i just can not handle the heat any more… but does not help the +30 every day and cool at night, where it dew is almost like a rain. and every morning it burns off and back to +30 by 10am again and ~ 100% humidity it like you are living in jungle, yet there no trees around you. but with climate change if it getting tough now… makes you wonder how much tougher it going to be when climate change effects really kick in hard… the current yearly 5 inch hail is scary enough especial when the biggest you might seen before was 1 inch every few years … I chicken wired all my solar equipment last year just in case I get direct hit of 5 inch hail as currently it being dance all round me 20 mile this way or that way