Generate current as P/Vrms

Hello, I have my open energy monitor device measuring Vrms, P and E. I want within emoncms to generate the current as P/Vrms and be able to seee same as Vrms, P and E.

If someone can list the steps for doing that, I would greatly appreciate.

Best regards,

Fllanza Ahmetaj

All OEM libraries that feed into emonCMS also make the current available to the sketch running in whichever “open energy monitor device” you have. The best solution is to add a few lines of code in the sketch to extract the current and send it along with the other data to emonCMS. (You will also need to change the entry for your device in emonhub.conf., an as integers are normally sent, you will probably need to multiply by 100 before you send the number and multiply by 0.01 in emonHub to restore the value (you then get a resolution of 10 mA).
If you say what your device is, I can give you the exact details.

If you can’t or don’t want to do this, in the input processing of your device on the Inputs page, in the processing for the Power, you need to add a few lines. The easiest place is at the end.

First retrieve the original value of power, add “Reset to original
Next, add Divide by Input “/ input” with “Vrms” as the input.
Finally, log this to a Feed in the normal way.

And keep in mind you’ll likely get different results depending on which approach you take. The division approach is less accurate as it assumes unity power factor.

Thank you very much both!