Gas total to consumption per hour

I use emoncms now already for several years and recently got gas meter reading working. The only problem is that I can read just the absolute gas usage (current gas meter reading since the meter was installed). I want to change this so I can get the hourly consumption. I know how to do it the other way around (as I do for electricity → daily → monthly) but cannot figure out how to do make this work.

Does anyone know how this can be done through input processing? Logically it would be THISHOURCONSUMPTION = CURRENTGASREADING - GASREADINGPREVIOUSHOUR but the minus processor only works for different feeds…

Can you not log to a wh accumulator feed then use the ‘delta’ function of the bar graph vis to display daily or hourly data?

See: Home | OpenEnergyMonitor

Hi @fversteegen, did you get this to work? I am looking for a solution to the same problem.

I think I understand what @glyn.hudson is saying, but the gas readings are in m3 usually , you are talking about wH?

Hi @aetjansen apologies for the (VERY) late reply.

I didn’t manage to get it to work, but as I use homeassistant nowadays for this the developer of the DSMR script was kind enough to implement it for me. This only works in homeassistant by the way (but homeassistant can also send the values to emoncms if needed). See: Support for reading Dutch Smart Meter (electricity/gas) (P1 port) - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community