Future of EmonPi?


I remember reading somewhere that you were working on the next generation of hardware, but I can’t find where I was reading it. Looking in the shop, the main motoring products listed are the EmonTX and EmonBase. I get that EmonBase is for receiving and recording info from an emonTX or similar.

I guess what I’m asking is is the emonpi basically a discontinued product, replaced by emontx & emonbase, or will it be back sometime?


also see:

for more details of the development …

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Because I don’t understand, therefore never go near, Github, I didn’t know this information was in the public domain. Thus I didn’t feel able to comment earlier. It’s my understanding that the emonTx4 will in essence be the same unit, so it will also run emonLibDB.

Well, I only use Github as a consumer - to look at the contents of a repository online, or to download a zip file of the contents using the green ‘Code’ button. I’ve still to learn how to use it for software development!

while I see this marked as “solved”, the post #3 only refers to the future, rather than including information concerning the question of emonpi (v1) discontinuation, and whether discontinuation means “no longer available” or “… and no longer supported”.
I DO appreciate that the scale of operations of OEM is small, but I would be a bit grumbly if the existing platform were completely abandoned. For example, moving the Pi OS onto a Bullseye base should IMO be on the to-do list before sunsetting emompi v1 (i.e. updating the emonSD).

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Pretty sure it already is (I lose track of the various names). The latest SD Card Image was released last Nov emonSD Download — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation. Having said that @TrystanLea it is about time there was a new emonSD release :slight_smile: You can always build your own with the emonScripts which is very straightforward.

There is no suggestion the emonPi will stop being supported. The opposite in some ways, there have been some recent firmware updates IIRC.

Yes as @borpin mentioned, no plans to discontinue support for emonpi v1 latest emonpi v1 firmware both ensures compatibility with the new lowpowerlabs radio format that we are using as standard on the newer hardware and makes @Robert.Wall’s earlier work on continuous sampling easier to install on the emonpi v1 via the standard emoncms update mechanism.

It’s just the emonpi v1 hardware that we will no longer be manufacturing.

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